​RoadLogger Data Collection Software Released

Dec 05, 2007

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of North Vancouver, B.C. announced the release of RoadLogger, a road data collection software package. RoadLogger was developed for the B.C. Ministry of Forests to gather maintenance information on forest roads. Status information on culverts, ditching, bridges and road surfacing and signage can be quickly recorded. RoadLogger runs on a standard laptop computer and is intended to be used while driving in a pickup or ATV.

Events can be located by either GPS coordinate or distance (backwards and forwards) from a known reference point such as a road junction, bridge or highway. A background map is available to verify that events are being captured and to ensure they are assigned to the correct road segment. Background display information including, shape files and images, is displayed for reference and navigation. RoadLogger was designed to allow users to quickly capture Forest road information. Care has been taken to ensure that information can be entered with a minimal number of clicks and keystrokes. User definable pick lists ensure that data collected is consistent. Error checking is provided to ensure events are completed.

RoadLogger imports and exports road information and attributes in a documented ASCII file format. Softree also provides software customization services to fully integrate RoadLogger with existing GIS or road management software.

Softree has been active in the Forest industry for more that 17 years and is best known for RoadEng, their forest engineering software.