Good engineering can reduce the costs associated with road building and logging.

That's where our software is key.

Softree is recognized as a leader in forest engineering software solutions. Proven and field-tested, our software is used by thousands of consultants, companies, universities and governments worldwide.

We recognize that most forestry professionals spend a lot of their time in the field--not in front of a computer screen. That's why we have put a great deal of effort into keeping our software simple and intuitive.

Powerful software tools for Forestry Operations:

  • RoadEng Forest Engineer
  • Terrain Tools Forestry
  • Terrain Tools Field
  • Softree Optimal

Interactive Access Road Design

Design access roads from start to finish with constant feedback from real-time window interactivity. Enter survey data, create accurate terrain models, design horizontal and vertical alignments, edit cross sections, and perform earthwork calculations. A template editor allows you to easily create turnouts, widen curves, and put in bridges, landings and cut benches.

LiDAR-Based Route Planning

Both RoadEng and Terrain Tools handle more than 5 million LiDAR points with ease and include functions for LiDAR thinning outside your areas of interest. Design and cost multiple roads in the context of each other. Plan road networks. Evaluate road options before going into the field. Take your LiDAR map & preliminary design with you to the field, if you want to.

Field Solutions

Designed to work on all Windows 10 enabled tablets and compatible with most internal/external GPS devices. GPS integration in all modules allows you to view where you are in Plan, Profile, or Section view at any time. Create GPS tracks on your primary survey data.

Site Design

RoadEng and Terrain Tools both contain tools for creating site plans for bridges, log-dumps, major culverts, fish passage and stream restoration projects.

Cable Logging Analysis

Analyze payload, clearance, and line tensions. Evaluate different types of equipment and logging configurations. Plot various carriage positions for a given midspan deflection (third point method). See more on cable analysis.

Survey Data Management

Traverse or P-Line data entry or import from a tablet device. Boundaries, tie lines, cable deflection lines, and road & site surveys can be entered in a variety of formats.

Culvert Design

Interactive culvert editor panel allows you to modify culvert position, diameter, type, length, skew and gradient. Add, edit and remove culverts using the culvert editor panel. Design options available for both natural stream crossings and cross drains.

Multi-Plot Report Builder

Easily share and showcase your design with Multi-Plot Report Builder. Print out plan, profile, and cross-section data as one document. Simplify your presentation of deliverables with single document control.

Product Options


RoadEng Forest Engineer

Complete road and site design software. Includes all the features: Survey Data Management, Mapping, Site Planning, Cable Logging Analysis, Road Design.

Terrain Tools Forestry

3D mapping and site design software. Easy, friendly, and inexpensive. Create 3D terrain models and engineering designs for a wide variety of projects. includes an extra module for manual p-line data entry, as well as a special function for cable logging.

Complimentary Product Options

Softree Optimal for RoadEng

Get more out of your LiDAR investment with smarter access road design. Find the best road location with a faster comparison of road locations based on design criteria, cost and available right-of-way. Reduce engineering time in the office and in the field with this powerful and time-saving add-on to RoadEng.

Terrain Tools Field

Terrain Tools® Field allows you to enter and verify traverses in the field using an iPad tablet. Once you get back to the office, connect the tablet to your computer and import OR simply email yourself the survey note file and you’re ready to go!

Available for FREE, exclusively to Annual Support Subscribers.

"Softree continuously improves upon their software suite and support…either by their software updates or by leveraging current technologies to assist in solving specific queries.


Recently, we had the benefit of having their support team deliver a customized training session that was very well received by all attendees. The session provided a hands on opportunity to learn and familiarize the use of the software when interacting with LiDAR information.

Over the years, the staff at Softree have provided an excellent product, and have consistently been able to trouble shoot any of our issues. "

-- Jon Moore, RPF, Operations Engineer, A&A Trading Ltd, Vancouver, BC

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