Did you know optimization can maximize your LiDAR investment?

Jun 01, 2017

For over 25 years, Softree has been developing innovative engineering software solutions for the resource industries; Softree Optimal is our newest innovation. It offers significant value for engineers in the resource industries who are using LiDAR data in conjunction with traditional field-based survey methods.

Softree Optimal allows engineers to get the most out of their LiDAR data by allowing them to objectively determine the lowest-cost road location, reduce engineering time both in the office and the field, and reduce construction costs.

Softree did a recent webinar on this topic. The webinar demonstrates how to use Softree Optimal with LiDAR data to achieve these results. Interested? You can access the recorded webinar here: Maximizing Your LiDAR Investment with Softree Optimal

We also presented an academic paper on improving workflows using LiDAR at the COFE Conference this past year. You can find that paper here: Rethinking Road Planning and Design Workflows: Unlocking the Potential of LiDAR with New Optimization Technology